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Written by Daniel Marin   
Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Apart from looking for particle messengers from astrophysical origin, theories are also challenged by searching for special processes related to the stability of matter, which have extremely low expected probabilities but may help solve critical problems in fundamental physics. Some of these rare processes have equally unusual names, such as “neutrinoless double beta decay” or “proton decay”.

If we had to look for this kind of event in a single nucleus, we would have to wait several times the age of the Universe to observe it. Here also, huge detectors are placed underground and the use of ultra pure techniques is mandatory to avoid spurious signals that may hide the searched-for effect.


CUORICINO: cryogenic Collaboration •
experiment for the search of neutrinoless
double beta decay in Tellurium.

• © CUORICINO Collaboration •

The use of very different techniques to search for the same process helps to reduce the theoretical uncertainties associated with these phenomena when extracting conclusions from the experimental data.

Detector Nemo
• NEMO experiment • © NEMO collaboration •

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